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Paul Chittick, Business Owner and Operator

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Mission and Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Do the best job... every time... every day. You can trust Omega Power Washing to care about your home or business. We are passionate about cleaning. Our Team is committed to giving you the very best service possible. We are not just cleaners... we are power/pressure washing experts.

Paul and his crew provide many services large and small from their speciality (truck washing) to homes, commercial business', sidewalks, drive ways, anything that needs power or pressure washing his crew can handle.

Having built a reputation for timely, meticulous attention to detail, they continue to amaze clients 24 years later.

Green Cleaning

A lot of companies say that they are green, but what does that really mean? Omega Power Washing takes environmental responsibility very seriously.

  1. Our sophisticated water reclamation equipment allows us to reclaim the water we use, keeping the grime in the runoff water that is washed from the trucks from entering the ecosystem. This also allows us to use less water.

  2. The chemicals we use are 100% biodegradable.

  3. Our employees are trained and properly educated in the discharge and disposal of reclaim filters.

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